The Saranac Legacy


Give to Saranac

Saranac Village has enjoyed almost 50 years of incredible ministry. The GIVE LIFE CAMPAIGN targets the ways we can ensure even more great ministry for years to come.

With the $5 million we’re hoping to raise before our 50th anniversary, here are some of the ways you can GIVE LIFE to Saranac-


  • renovating Main Lodge's 3rd floor to add 20 more beds
  • improving our volunteer housing
  • building an RV site
  • creating a dedicated doctor's lodging
  • intern housing


  • maintaining our historic buildings
  • adding more outdoor seating
  • upgrading our waste water system
  • increasing the amount of exterior lighting
  • building and improving our roads
  • a variety of landscaping projects

to Experiences

  • installing a brand new ropes course
  • cabin modernization
  • purchasing new bunks
  • implementing new waterfront activities
  • improving guest amenities
  • creating nighttime gathering spaces


  • expanging our dining hallto increase capacity
  • office remodel to support our growing staff
  • increasing the size of our indoor gym
  • redesign of our kitchen to match scope of service
  • installing more fixtures and building new bathrooms

Give to Saranac